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Gus Garcia has emerged as a key ‘go to’ leader for politicians, business leaders and educators. One of the most insightful people you will find on politics, he has diverse skills and a national reputation with respect to Hispanic voters, among others. For businesses, he combines great practical instincts with an unrelenting drive to get deals done.

And, on American campuses, Gus is known as an inspiring speaker who communicates motivation and making the most of one’s life as well as a wide range of political, economic and social topics.

Kendall Coffey, Coffey Burlington Law

Garcorp International, headed by Agustin Garcia, is an invaluable ally on many fronts. The public relations firm has an incredible attention to detail and a strong follow-up discipline. From grassroots campaigns to media representation, Garcorp International is a must have on your team!

Jorge Diaz, National President - Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. (2000-2004)

Gus Garcia is an expert at knowing how to reach the people within diverse communities. He is one of the very few people that has organized the Hispanic-Latino population of Miami to join together to support or oppose important issues. If you want Miami to listen then let Gus spread the message.

Ricardo Marino, President - RiCa Marketing LLC

Several years ago, when I noticed that North Miami’s Hispanic population was growing, I turned to Gus Garcia for guidance. With Gus’ help, we were able to move proactively toward identifying the needs of this unique part of our community. Gus formed a focus group and got their advice on what our government could do to become better.

It is this type of leadership that Gus has repeatedly demonstrated. I am so thankful that I can turn to him, knowing that the results will be professional and constructive.

Scott Galvin, North Miami City Council

I first met Agustin ‘Gus’ Garcia when I first arrived in South Florida in 1997. In the months and years since, a number of controversies have flared up involving the protection of freedom of speech and expression and the right to dissent from the policies of our government. A number of these issues dramatically divided the South Florida community; many involved violent disruptions and the use of excessive police force.

Those are stressful times, but throughout I have known no more passionate and principled defender of the most fundamental of American constitutional values of freedom of speech and expression than Gus Garcia. In his dedication to constitutional values for all people — regardless of political affiliation or point of view — he has made an enormous contribution to our community.

Howard Simon, Executive Director - ACLU of Florida

Gus is a responsible, highly motivated, and knowledge businessman. With his charisma, outstanding leadership, and sound judgment Gus has earned the respect and affection of his associates, as well as other prominent businessmen in the public relations sector.

In addition to being a good businessman, Gus assists those in need, especially in the Latin community. Working on community issues takes resources, commitment and ethics, and Gus has captured all that with the up most professionalism. I have no doubt Gus will make your organization even more successful.

Jose 'Pepe' Diaz, Commissioner District 12 - Miami-Dade County

I watched Gus Garcia working at his best when he was Chief of Staff for Commissioner Pedro Reboredo of Miami-Dade County. Commissioner Reboredo was Chair of the Committee (that oversaw) Miami International Airport, the economic engine of South Florida. Mr. Garcia was focused and effective and a great asset to me as Vice Chair of the Board of County Commission during the early nineties.

Mr. Garcia learned his government and his politics next to Congressman Robert Menendez in central New Jersey. He learned well. As a consequence, those lessons have been properly applied as a lobbyist for different clients whom he has represented effectively. He is a highly regarded professional in our community. Mr. Garcia has my fill recommendation.

Maurice A. Ferre, Former Mayor of Miami (1973-1985)

I have worked with Gus Garcia for many years, to help raise public awareness and to educate a diverse audience on policy issues related to conversation and sustainable communities. Gus has a unique talent to make audiences understand complex issues. His skill in reaching many different communities is nuance and uniquely suited to work he has done on our behalf.

Alan Farago, Consultant and Environmental Activist

Gus Garcia. Man of action. A leader who puts his reputation on the line when he advocates for a solution. A problem-solver. Gus can do, and does. Gus Garcia is the ultimate public citizen, completely at ease with his shirtsleeves rolled up and getting dirty as he works, or putting on a suit and tie to convince officials and business leaders to see his point of view.

In short, Gus is someone who GETS THE JOB DONE. Large or small, Gus does it all. Equally at home, in business, and industry as he is in politics and community. There is no one in South Florida who can out-work, out-think, or out-do Gus. When my clients need the impossible, Gus is the one who makes results possible. He is the secret weapon in my briefcase.

Benedict P. Kuehne, Attorney - Sale & Kuehne, P.A.


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