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Garcia at Bay of Pigs

Garcia at Benito Juarez statue – Mexico 2014

Democracia Plane 2

Garcia with Deputy US Ambassador to Mexico 2014

Mark of Excellence Award

Mr. Garcia flying into DR

Mr. Garcia with Bill Clinton

Mr. Garcia with Robert Menendez

Mr. Garcia with Hillary Clinton

Mr. Garcia at the office

Democracia Plane 1

Garcia: Spanish article

State Senate Campaign

Garcia for State Senate

Mr. Garcia on Telemundo

Garcia in The Herald article

Mr. Garcia next to Ghandi mural

Speaking at National Banquet

Mr. Garcia with Hillary Clinton 1993

Mr. Garcia with John Kerry

OSU campus visit 2014

Rutgers Board Member Martin Perez

Mr. Garcia in UF Newspaper

Letter to Mr. Garcia 6

Letter to Mr. Garcia 5

Letter to Mr. Garcia 4

Letter to Mr. Garcia 3

Letter to Mr. Garcia 2

Invitation Announcement 3

Letter to Mr. Garcia 1

Invitation Announcement 2

Invitation Announcement 1

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