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Mr. Agustin Garcia served as an agent with Casino Enforcement in New Jersey for approximately ten years as well as an Investigation Specialist with the Florida Department of Professional Regulations for five years (receiving the “Mark of Excellence Award” from the department).

Thus, we have developed and represent a network of privately owned investigation and security firms that can meet your corporate and personal needs throughout the world.

These are some of the areas we can assist you on a national and international level:

Client and Opposition Research


Corporate Security and Criminal Defense Investigations


Risk Management and Body/Security Guards


Locating Missing Persons


Asset Location Finding


Our other services

EB-5 Regulations

Learn about permanent residence being permissible for those who invest in a commercial enterprise.

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Campaign Efficiency

Assist campaigns to reach ethnic, racial, young and older voters not located in targeted areas.

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Public Speaking/Lectures

Connect with us to speak about politics, culture, and the Latinization of America lecture series.

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